About Us

Our Group of Companies focuses on various aspects of the Petroleum Industry. Over the last 5 years we have gained experience in the Oil Industry and have signed direct Supply Agreements with South African Oil Majors as well as Suppliers in Rotterdam and in Mosambique. We offer this to approved Buyers in the Industry Locally and abroad.

Our contracts are direct with Suppliers or Refineries whom have given us the Allocation of Certain products. We have 2 types of Accounts. COC account which allows our Clients to pick up the Product from Oil Major and Delivered product which include the cost of delivery. 

Our group is well aware of risks within the Fuel Industry to both Seller and Buyer alike. We look to assist new clients to achieve their desired outcomes, with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience using the groups extensive contact base. 

Owning various Allocations with refineries, we feel that we would rather do business with our selected few well established clients than continuously trying to find new buyers. 

Our business ethics, and morals, are of high importance to us, and form the basis of our Business Practice Goals. 

We have Major International links that benefit the group.


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Cape Town                     
South Africa


Email: anet@petrox.co.za
Phone: 0027 760600047
Skype: anetclaassen1